Oh Fuck It

Oh Fuck It

In my last blog post, I mentioned how I went on some amazing adventures and was just generally trying to live my life to the full. Being a single woman who is now 30 years old… jesus I’m getting old… has meant that most of my friends are all settled and married with sprogs, so this has meant they often can’t just go on a last minute adventure, unlike me. So fuck them, I don’t need them to go do some awesome stuff.

So with my oh fuck it mentality has seen me go and do all these things on my own: go to shit loads of gigs, book a festival, travel to Italy for my 30th, travel around Scotland doing the NC500 while sleeping in the back of my car, travelling around Wales and recently Wild Camping in Snowdonia for New Years Eve. This is coming from the woman that two years would’ve had a panic attack if someone looked at her weird.

Now I’m not trying to tell you how great being single is, we all know that it has it’s positives and negatives… look I have to do my own washing up, put the bins out and I also have to pay for my own alcohol nearly all the time… it’s horrendous. But what I’m actually trying to say is that sometimes when you think about doing something and then you sit there and you run through all the reasons to not do it. Don’t do that! Just think…. oh fuck it! 

It’s such a millennial thing to say, but it is true you do only live once, and wouldn’t you rather be that old person with all those cool stories? So go buy my oh fuck it art print to remind yourself to go do cool shit.

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