Fuck it – The Mental Attitude that Started my Business

Fuck it - The Mental Attitude that Started my Business - Tia Russell Designs

We have all been there. At breaking point.

It was a standard weekday night, we even went to the local football club with the besties and had a few drinks, but I had had enough of it all. I wanted a future that I would be in charge of.

So, I thought FUCK IT and I started Tia Russell Designs.

It started with illustrations, all pretty and that, which I look back on now and they just don’t feel like me. I was doing things that I thought others wanted to see and it really got me nowhere.

Obviously, my fuck it attitude had consequences and got me into a bit of trouble. It led me to a situation where my mental health took a downfall. Now looking back, it wasn’t that bad. It was just my head fucking with me. My partner and friends supported me through this, and it turns out isolation is not the best idea and that support really can help.

Through this dark time, I had many chats about what was the point in life, why do people treat others so badly, why there are social rules that just constrict us…

Funny Art Print Live Laugh Leave by Tia Russell Designs

At the time, we saw everywhere these ‘positive’ quotes on bedding, home prints, candles, make up bags, well pretty much everywhere! Live, Laugh, Love. This originates from a poem called “Success” by Bessie Anderson Stanley’s ,1904. (“Live, Laugh, Love” is now trademarked and copyrighted by a company.) Now I’m all up for being positive and trying to have a positive mindset. But I’m not up for being told to Live, Laugh and Love. Sometimes it’s just difficult to get out of bed, let alone laugh. And this is where my “Live, Laugh, Leave me the fuck alone” print came from.

So the light at the end of this tunnel, was that I really got to grips with what Tia Russell Designs is about. It’s about honesty. Saying and doing what you want. Having the freedom and empowerment to say the things that not everyone will agree with.

It’s about having the FUCK IT attitude.

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