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After signing up to a few Etsy teams to connect with a few new friends. The Leader of Etsy Made Local Canterbury (also is the er from the amazeballs Im & Er Wedding Signs) contacted me out of the blue on 23rd November 2017 saying that she loved my products and the humour and whether I wanted to have a stall. Of course I did! But shit… I best get my bum in to gear. The Etsy Made Local Canterbury Event was being held on the 2nd December. Just over a week to create all my stock, get my display stuff sorted, and try and do some advertising. After plenty of help from my partner and our friends and family, I fucking managed it! So proud! I even managed to add a new product to my stock, my offensive hand stitched notebooks.

After reading lots of craft stall tips on the internet and asking my super support group Etsy UK Sellers Social Group for advice. So I started working solidly on getting all of my stock printed, created, and packed. I had many cards, art prints, and my brand new notebooks ready. Borrowed shelves from family. I asked my partner to help put some bits of wood together to hang my frames from. I even took my note books to the pub to carry on hand stitching while I had a pint! This was dedication. The most difficult was getting table cloth that was big enough and pretty enough. Thank god I found an Etsy friend who could send me some beautiful fabric for next day delivery. Thanks Studio Jepson!

I put my stall together on my studio floor as a trial run to make sure everything fits and that I weren’t missing anything. Next I packed it all up and got a good nights sleep ready for the next day.

It was fucking awesome! I made a buckload of sales, to the point where I ran out of some stock. I got great feedback. My stall and products made many people stop and laugh, it meant we could brighten peoples day with my offensive products and got to have a chat with lots of people. And those that didn’t stop at my stall raised their eyebrows which proves my product is offensive, a great social experiment!

Craft stall tips for running a successful first craft fair is:

  1. Don’t leave it to the last minute
  2. Get your stock ready and prepared well in advance, and create extra if you can to keep under the table.
  3. Seek advice and tips from those that do it regularly
  4. Practice your display, remembering to add clear pricing and a variation of heights.
  5. Believe in your product.
  6. Don’t forget a table cloth that is long enough.
  7. Get your friends and family involved to support you.
  8. And most importantly smile, laugh and have fun!!!!


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