Oh Fuck It

Oh Fuck It

In my last blog post, I mentioned how I went on some amazing adventures and was just generally trying to live my life to the full. Being a single woman who is now 30 years old… jesus I’m getting old… has meant that most of my friends are all settled and married with sprogs, so this has meant they often can’t just go on a last minute adventure, unlike me. So fuck them, I don’t need them to go do some awesome stuff.

So with my oh fuck it mentality has seen me go and do all these things on my own: go to shit loads of gigs, book a festival, travel to Italy for my 30th, travel around Scotland doing the NC500 while sleeping in the back of my car, travelling around Wales and recently Wild Camping in Snowdonia for New Years Eve. This is coming from the woman that two years would’ve had a panic attack if someone looked at her weird.

Now I’m not trying to tell you how great being single is, we all know that it has it’s positives and negatives… look I have to do my own washing up, put the bins out and I also have to pay for my own alcohol nearly all the time… it’s horrendous. But what I’m actually trying to say is that sometimes when you think about doing something and then you sit there and you run through all the reasons to not do it. Don’t do that! Just think…. oh fuck it! 

It’s such a millennial thing to say, but it is true you do only live once, and wouldn’t you rather be that old person with all those cool stories? So go buy my oh fuck it art print to remind yourself to go do cool shit.



A year and half ago, I went through a really difficult time in my life. I then spent the next 6 months getting back on my feet but this meant I had to go back to full time employment. 

So the difficulties of doing a full time job, maintaining some sort of social life, going on some amazing adventures and trying to keep this business going, meant that something had to give while I was still adjusting to my new life.

This is why I now only dispatch once a week so I don’t burn myself out. So now everything is settled and I have got myself into a little routine, means I can finally dedicate a bit more time to this business. 

For ages I have had a huge list of ideas I want to put on cards and art prints and now I finally have the time to add some new designs. My first new product that I added is this funny encouragement card that says You’re the Dog’s Bollocks. I also thought people could send it as a well done card as well. Let me know what you think.

Etsy Made Local in Canterbury

So some of you guys may know I started my business originally on Etsy, you can go have a little gander at my shop. Therefore, it only seems right that I take part in my Etsy made local events.

The next Etsy Made Local Event will be held at Westgate Hall in Canterbury, Kent on the 31st March 2018 between 10.30 and 4.30.

This will be my second ever craft stall, ahhhhhh. I keep telling myself not to panic but the last one was awesome. My face literally was hurting from the amount of laughter by the end of the day.

I have spent the last few months coming up with some BRAND SPANKING NEW card designs and a few other secret things. And this morning I had a delivery from the printers with all of my awesome new designs. So I’m excited to share these at this event and see how the general public take them. There will be some raised eyebrows, I’m sure.

I’ve even heard on the grapevine that there will be cocktails, and an Easter Egg hunt. Sounds like a perfect parental drinking excuse.

So if you are local, come and have a little giggle at the new products. If you can’t make it, sign up to my newsletter and I will let you have a sneak peek and maybe even a discount code if I’m feeling generous.

Fuck it – The Mental Attitude that Started my Business

Fuck it – The Mental Attitude that Started my Business

Fuck it - The Mental Attitude that Started my Business - Tia Russell Designs

We have all been there. At breaking point.

It was a standard weekday night, we even went to the local football club with the besties and had a few drinks, but I had had enough of it all. I wanted a future that I would be in charge of.

So, I thought FUCK IT and I started Tia Russell Designs.

It started with illustrations, all pretty and that, which I look back on now and they just don’t feel like me. I was doing things that I thought others wanted to see and it really got me nowhere.

Obviously, my fuck it attitude had consequences and got me into a bit of trouble. It led me to a situation where my mental health took a downfall. Now looking back, it wasn’t that bad. It was just my head fucking with me. My partner and friends supported me through this, and it turns out isolation is not the best idea and that support really can help.

Through this dark time, I had many chats about what was the point in life, why do people treat others so badly, why there are social rules that just constrict us…

Funny Art Print Live Laugh Leave by Tia Russell Designs

At the time, we saw everywhere these ‘positive’ quotes on bedding, home prints, candles, make up bags, well pretty much everywhere! Live, Laugh, Love. This originates from a poem called “Success” by Bessie Anderson Stanley’s ,1904. (“Live, Laugh, Love” is now trademarked and copyrighted by a company.) Now I’m all up for being positive and trying to have a positive mindset. But I’m not up for being told to Live, Laugh and Love. Sometimes it’s just difficult to get out of bed, let alone laugh. And this is where my “Live, Laugh, Leave me the fuck alone” print came from.

So the light at the end of this tunnel, was that I really got to grips with what Tia Russell Designs is about. It’s about honesty. Saying and doing what you want. Having the freedom and empowerment to say the things that not everyone will agree with.

It’s about having the FUCK IT attitude.

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Craft Stall Tips

After signing up to a few Etsy teams to connect with a few new friends. The Leader of Etsy Made Local Canterbury (also is the er from the amazeballs Im & Er Wedding Signs) contacted me out of the blue on 23rd November 2017 saying that she loved my products and the humour and whether I wanted to have a stall. Of course I did! But shit… I best get my bum in to gear. The Etsy Made Local Canterbury Event was being held on the 2nd December. Just over a week to create all my stock, get my display stuff sorted, and try and do some advertising. After plenty of help from my partner and our friends and family, I fucking managed it! So proud! I even managed to add a new product to my stock, my offensive hand stitched notebooks.

After reading lots of craft stall tips on the internet and asking my super support group Etsy UK Sellers Social Group for advice. So I started working solidly on getting all of my stock printed, created, and packed. I had many cards, art prints, and my brand new notebooks ready. Borrowed shelves from family. I asked my partner to help put some bits of wood together to hang my frames from. I even took my note books to the pub to carry on hand stitching while I had a pint! This was dedication. The most difficult was getting table cloth that was big enough and pretty enough. Thank god I found an Etsy friend who could send me some beautiful fabric for next day delivery. Thanks Studio Jepson!

I put my stall together on my studio floor as a trial run to make sure everything fits and that I weren’t missing anything. Next I packed it all up and got a good nights sleep ready for the next day.

It was fucking awesome! I made a buckload of sales, to the point where I ran out of some stock. I got great feedback. My stall and products made many people stop and laugh, it meant we could brighten peoples day with my offensive products and got to have a chat with lots of people. And those that didn’t stop at my stall raised their eyebrows which proves my product is offensive, a great social experiment!

Craft stall tips for running a successful first craft fair is:

  1. Don’t leave it to the last minute
  2. Get your stock ready and prepared well in advance, and create extra if you can to keep under the table.
  3. Seek advice and tips from those that do it regularly
  4. Practice your display, remembering to add clear pricing and a variation of heights.
  5. Believe in your product.
  6. Don’t forget a table cloth that is long enough.
  7. Get your friends and family involved to support you.
  8. And most importantly smile, laugh and have fun!!!!


Free Etsy Listings

Want free etsy listings just go to and just follow the instructions.


So you are thinking about setting up an Etsy shop but you are unsure where to start.

The first 5 things to consider are:

  1. Is there a demand for what your product?
  2. Who will buy your product?
  3. Does it stand out when compared to the competition?
  4. Do you have enough time to dedicate to an etsy shop?
  5. Is your profitable?

If you can answer all those questions and think you have what it takes to run an etsy shop, head on over to and get that shop up and running.

Live More Worry Less

So I don’t know if you guys are like me, but overthinking feels like a habit I can’t break. All I seem to do is worry and worry. Often worrying about the most insignificant things. These things keep me up at night, they make me feel anxious or sad (or both!). When we look back in hindsight all that worrying seems a little crazy and silly. Really we don’t want to spend majority of our time worrying, we want to live our lives to their fullest and worry less.

At a time when I don’t have full time position and I am spending all my time concentrating on this business, this quote speaks to me!


I have found a few little ways to help me cope on a daily basis, and I hope they help you too. Honestly Live More and Worry Less.

  1. Realise that there is no way that I can control everything. Just let it be.
  2. Get some good sleep. I find going to sleep at the same time every night helps me get into a routine and when I have had a really stressful day (or know I have one coming up) I just put a few drops of lavender essence on my pillow.
  3. Get outside. Just go for a walk or just stand outside your front door. That fresh air will jolt you out of your worries.
  4. Slow Down. Sometimes you just need to sit in a quiet place and breathe, even just for a minute or so. No distractions. Just breathe.
  5. Surround yourself with positivity. I have little memory trinkets or little phrases placed around my home that remind me to be positive. Or notes from friends and families to remind me of good times. I will spend some quality time with positive happy people.