About Tia Russell

So you’re being nosey? Or maybe you’re my stalker…. hey, how are you doin 😉 

Simply… I’m a woman that can’t stand all that soppy smushy shit and this is the real reason why I create funny cards and art prints. Plus I do love to draw a dick or a pair of tits in the silliest of places. I also like to swear and drink….a lot! And I make it no secret that this business is actually funding my drunken lifestyle.

So, I create humorous cards and alternative gifts that will make you do an actual laugh out loud. You won’t find any of my items in any of those pretty high street card or gift shops. That’s why I deliver them straight to your door. And after many years as a designer within the greeting card and gift industry, you will know that Tia Russell’s cards and gifts are uniquely funny and made with the highest quality materials.

If you want to know more (or maybe you have a hilarious meme you want to share, I fucking love memes) why don’t you drop me a message.

Tia Russell